POTASSIUM CARBONATE/Salt of tartar/ Pearl ash, Potash/ Dipotassium salt/ Carbonic acid/ K-Gran, Carbonate of potash

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    Key Features

    Distinguished cleaning chemicals manufacturers in Taiwan.

    • Glass - Source of K2O for alkali barium, lead or strontium silica glasses used in television tube production, illuminating ware, tubing, laboratory glass, optical glass and tableware.
    • Ceramics - Used in titanium dioxide frits for appliance industry
    • Dyes and pigments
    • Chemicals - including fertilizers, drugs, gums, adhesives, rocket fuel, inorganic chemicals and more
    • Food - chocolate "alkalizing" processing of cocoa powder, effervescent mineral water, special leavening agents, brewing beer, raisin drying, cattle feed additive, alfalfa drying
    • Cleaners - washing, bleaching, boiler compounds, liquid soaps, metal cleaners
    • Gas purification - removal of carbon dioxide and other acidic gases by absorption in a solution of potassium carbonate.
    • Other - leather tanning, perfume, refrigeration, fire extinguishers, photography, flame proofing, electroplating, rubber additives